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The opening ceremony for Xingmeng International Mall

Release time:2016/8/19

The opening ceremony for Xingmeng International Mall


On the morning of March 22, nearly 2,000 guests attended the opening ceremony of Xingmeng International Mall.

Xingmeng International Mall, developed by the Company with the full support of the local government, is located in the commercial hub in west Tengzhou.  With its outstanding design, excellent shopping environment, modern commercial facilities and top-level management and operation system, Xingmeng International Mall is expected to be a one-stop shopping mall focusing on the sale of hardware, electromechanical appliances, and building materials for high quality residential projects.

According to a government representative, Xingmeng International Mall is a commercial project supported by the government, which is a breakthrough in the commercial development of the western part of Tengzhou, and which will play a significant role in enhancing the prosperity of the area.